Homosexuality and the Bible
By Bruce L. Gerig


We are sad to announce the passing of Bruce L. Gerig on May 29, 2012. He was 76 years old.

Bruce began his intense Bible investigation when he realized that the Scriptures did NOT condemn gay people to hell as those in the Church had taught him. He sought to find out for himself what the Scriptures really said about homosexuality, same-sex orientation and loving relationships.

Since then he has dedicated his scholarly research to all GLBT people who have suffered condemnation, not from God, but from their families, friends and churches who use the name of God against them.

In each of his articles, Bruce gathers mountains of information from countless resources, which included noting the meanings of ancient words and languages, local customs and social mores, and commentaries by other researchers, experts and scholars. He brought this information all together to form a more complete picture of what was really going on in the stories of the Bible. He also referenced and heavily footnoted his sources so readers could investigate for themselves and show that he wasn't just making it all up.

Of special note is Bruce's original work in his Jonathan and David series. When he first began his research, he was shocked to discover how few Biblical scholars investigated the special relationship between these two men of the Bible who loved each other, especially since one of them would become the King of Israel and the Jewish people.

Bruce has contributed to the Epistle since its inception in 2003. We will miss him dearly, but know that He is in joy with the Lord.

God bless you, Bruce. We love you and miss you.

- The Staff of the Epistle

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Introductory Articles

Finding a Christian Gay Ethic
Honoring God's Word requires more than just forcing harsh rules on others

The Clobber Passages: Reexamined
A "letter to a friend" takes a quick look at the key verses
Supplement: The Bible & Homosexuality flier (A one-page flier for hand-out)

Biological Determinants and Homosexuality 
New evidence documenting the role of pre-natal factors.
An update for the earlier article: Born Gay? (2004)

The "Ex-Gay" Illusion
A look at the harmful lies and deceptive claims of the ex-gay movement

A Very Hot Topic
Studying "Homosexuality and the Bible" brings with it a unique set of problems
Supplement: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography

Biblical Inspiration and Authority
An examination of the approaches, influences and discrepancies concerning biblical inspiration and authority.

Studies on Jesus and Homosexuality

Jesus the Intersexual
Key Passages: Luke 1:31,35, 2:21; Matt 19:12, 23:37b; John 8:41b, 13:3-5,23

Jesus and His Beloved Disciple, Part 1 
Key Passages: John 13:21-25, 19:25-27, 20:1-10, 21:1-25; also 1:35,40, 18:15-16

Jesus and His Beloved Disciple, Part 2 
Key Passages: The Gospels and Acts

Jesus and His Beloved Disciple, Part 3 
Key Passages: John 13:23-25; 19:26-27; 20:1-10; 21:1-25; also cf. 1:35,40; 18:15-16

Jesus and His Beloved Disciple, Part 4
Key Passages: John 11:1-54, John 13:23-25; Mark 10:17-31, 14:51-52

Studies on Paul and Homosexuality

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and 1 Timothy 1:9-10
Table 1: Bible Translations and Commentary Views on Malakoi and Arsenokoitai in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Introduction to Paul's Letter to the Romans
Key Passages: Romans 1:1-17
Supplement: Roman Sexuality in Paul's World

An Analysis of Romans 1:18-32, Part 1 - An Exchange of the Creator God for Worthless Idols
Key Passages: Romans 1:18-3:20

An Analysis of Romans 1:18-32, Part 2 - A Giving over to Lustful, Dishonoring, and 'Unnatural' Sexual Behavior
Key Passages: Romans 1:24-27

An Analysis of Romans 1:18-32, Part 3 - Closing Issues in Romans 1:18-32
Key Passages: Romans 1:26-31

Studies on Jonathan and David

Jonathan & David: An Introduction
Key Passages: 1 Samuel 13 - 2 Samuel 1

Jonathan & David: Jonathan's Background
Key Passages: 1 Samuel 13-15
Supplement: Homosexuality in Ancient Egypt
Supplement: Homosexuality in the Ancient Near East, beyond Egypt

Jonathan & David: David's Background
Key Passages: 1 Samuel 16-17
Supplement: Laying out a Time-Frame for Saul’s Reign

Jonathan & David: Their Meeting
Key Passages: 1 Samuel 18-19
Supplement: David's Beauty and Jonathan's Love

Jonathan & David: Their Companionship
Key Passages: 1 Samuel 20
Supplement: More On Saul's Sexual Insult and David's Losing It

Jonathan & David: Their Three Covenants
Key Passages: 1 Samuel 23: 1-18; 18:1-4; 20:1-23, 42
Supplement: Jonathan's Gifts and Their Secrets

Jonathan & David: David's Lament
Key Passages: 1 Samuel 31, 2 Samuel 1
Supplement: A Closer Look at David’s Lament, Part 1
Supplement: A Closer Look at David’s Lament, Part 2

Jonathan & David: After Jonathan's Death
Key Passages: 2 Samuel 2-21
Supplement: David and Jonathan and the Epic of Gilgamesh, Part 1
Supplement: David and Jonathan and the Epic of Gilgamesh, Part 2

Jonathan & David: David's Women
Key Passages: 1 Samuel 18-31, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings 1-2
Supplement: Greek Homosexuality


Jonathan & David: The Debate Continues
Supplement: Interpretative Issues in the Debate 
Supplement: Narrative Issues in the Debate

Studies on Homosexuality in the Old Testament

Sodom: A Traumatic Scene Revisited
Key Passages: Genesis 19:1-29, Judges 19

Sodom: An Ancient Story Refashioned
Key Passages: Genesis 19:1-29, Ezekiel 16:49-50, Jude vv. 6-7

The Levitical Ban: A Mysterious Puzzle
Key Passage: Leviticus 18:22, 20:13
Supplement: Uses of Zakhar/Zekhur ("Male") in the OT

The Levitical Ban: More Clues in the Case
Key Passages: Leviticus 18:22, Deuteronomy 23:17-18

The Levitical Ban: The Final Verdict
Key Passages: Leviticus 18:21-23, Deuteronomy 22:5, Genesis 38:9-10

Divine Creation: In the Beginning
Key Passages: Genesis 1-3, Matthew 19:3-12, 1 Corinthians 7:7-9

Divine Creation: After the Fall
Key Passages: Genesis 4-50; Psalm 103:14, 139:13-14

Family Sexual Secrets in Genesis
Key Passages: Genesis 9:18-27, 38:1-10

Eunuchs in the OT, Part 1
Introduction and Summary
Key Passages: 2 Kings 9-24; Jer 34-41; Isa 39:7, 56:3-5; Dan 1; Est 1-7; Neh 1-2, Gen 37-40, 1 Sam 8:15

Eunuchs in the OT, Part 2
Castration in Ancient Assyria, Babylonia and Persia 
Key Passages: Est 1:10–12, 15; 2:3, 14–15, 21; 4:4–5; 6:2, 14; 7:9

Eunuchs in the OT, Part 3
Hunting for Castrates in Israel before the Exile 
Key Passages: 2 Kings 9:30–33, 18:17, 23:11, 24:12–15; Jer 34:19, 38:7–10, 39:1–3, 41:16; Dan 1:3–19; Gen 37:36, 39:1, 40:1–23; 1 Sam 8:15; 1 Chron 28:1

Eunuchs in the OT, Part 4
Hunting for Jewish Castrates during the Exile 
Key Passages: Deut 23:1; Isa 39:7, 56:3–5; Tobit 1:21–22; Dan 1:3–19; Neh 1:11c–2:1

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